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Welcome to our Terms and Conditions of Use. These terms affect your legal rights, endeavour to read them and treat with utmost importance.

Reaprite is a seamless innovative savings and investment platform available over web and mobile applications.

Reaprite (the “Platform”), an innovative solution that connects users to savings and investment opportunities. This Platform is brought to you by Reaprite Global Limited (“Reaprite”, “we”, “us”, or “our”). We are a company duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.


This Terms and Conditions constitutes a legally binding contract between you, (whether as a platform visitor or registered user) and Reaprite to access and use the Platform as well as its content, services, and functionality made available on or through the Platform (collectively referred to as “the Services”).

We therefore kindly request that you carefully read through these Terms and Conditions of Use (the “Terms and Conditions” or “User Agreement”) before using the Platform and click on the Agree button if you consent and agree to be bound by

  • this Terms and Conditions
  • the Privacy Policy (“the Policy”)

Using the mobile application, you consent to receiving electronic communication from the company relating to your account. We may communicate with you by electronic mail (email), short message service (sms) or by posting notices on the mobile application or through other methods. For contractual purposes, you consent to receive communications from us electronically and you agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communication be in writing. You also consent to receiving certain other communication from us, such as newsletters, special offers, questionnaires, customer surveys or other announcements via email, sms or other methods. You may opt out of receiving nontransactional communications, including marketing communications from us by following the directions in our e-mail to “unsubscribe” from our mailing list, or by sending an e-mail request to [email protected]

Please be aware that if you choose not to receive such communication, certain offers attached to services you have chosen may be affected. We will still communicate with you in connection with transactional communications, including but not limited to servicing your account and customer services.

Obligations and eligibility

You must be 18 years of age or older to access our website or mobile applications. Reaprite is intended solely for individuals who are 18 or older. Any access to or use of Reaprite by anyone under 18 is unauthorized, unlicensed, and in violation of these Terms. By accessing or using Reaprite, you represent and warrant that you are 18 or older.

Your access

In order to access certain features of Reaprite, you must register to create an account ("User Account"). When you register, you will be asked to choose a password, which you will be required to use to access your User Account. Reaprite has physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with regulatory standards to guard Users' and Clients' non-public personal information (see Privacy Policy).

You are responsible for safeguarding your password and other User Account information. You agree not to disclose your password to any third party and you will notify Reaprite immediately if your password is lost or stolen or if you suspect any unauthorized use of your User Account. As a User you agree that you shall be solely responsible for any activities or actions under your User Account, whether or not you have authorized such activities or actions.

You agree that the information you provide to us on account registration through our website or mobile applications will be true, accurate, current, and complete. If you wish to develop enhancements to the Reaprite service then you must do so via our "Partner Program" API. As used in these Terms, "APIs" means programmatic web APIs and associated tools and documentation that provide access to certain data displayed on our website or in our mobile applications. Access to our APIs requires you meet our Partner Program eligibility criteria and enter into a signed partnership agreement with Reaprite.

You may not scrape or copy information through any means (including crawlers, browser plugins and add-ons, and any other technology or manual work). If you wish to learn more about becoming a Partner, please contact [email protected]

Alerts and notification services

By creating a User Account with us, you automatically sign up for various types of alerts via e-mail and mobile notification. We will never include your password in these communications, but we may include your name, or email address and information about your portfolio(s) if you are a Client.

Anyone with access to your e-mail or mobile device will be able to view these alerts. You may unsubscribe from marketing oriented emails at any time.

Security of password

To fully enjoy our Services, you will be required to create an account and in which case you will be given (or you may provide) a username and password. Certain areas of our Services are only accessible with the use of usernames and passwords (“User Restricted Areas”). Please note that you are fully and solely responsible for any and all use of the Services and such, you are required to keep your password secret at all times.

Do not share your password with any third party or allow another person to access the User Restricted Areas using your password. Kindly notify us immediately if you have any reason to believe that your username or password has been lost or compromised or misused in any way. Also immediately report any unauthorized or suspicious activity in your account.

User information collection

In creating an Account and registering for the Services on our Platform, we may require you to provide and/or confirm information and documentation that will allow us to identify you, such as:

  • Email and Phone number
  • Country and Address
  • Username and Password
  • Bank Account Details and BVN
  • A copy of your Government-issued photo ID, such as an international passport or a national drivers’ license
  • A copy of a utility bill, bank statement, affidavit, or other bills, dated within three months of our request, with your name and Nigerian street address on it
  • other information and documentation that we may require from time to time.

You hereby authorize us to, directly or through a third-party, obtain, verify, and record information and documentation that helps us verify your identity and Bank Account information.

You agree to the use of your information provided in our records to contact you via a range of channels including but not limited to Email, Short Messaging Service (SMS), Phone Calls, push Notifications etc.

Savings terms

The Platform allows users to save funds in a seamless manner. In saving with Reaprite Platform, you agree to be bound by the following:

  • You may save in your wallet whatever amount works for you. The interest is calculated daily, and you are entitle to an interest of 10% per annum where free withdrawals of up to 3 times can be made by you on the wallet at any time. Withdrawing more than 3 times in a month attract a penalty of losing interest for the said month.
  • You may redeem interest from the interest pull twice a month to your wallet.
  • That we may debit your card or online wallet according to the amount authorized by you from time to time as specified by you without further recourse to you.
  • On Reap quick plan, you can choose a saving duration of either 3, 6, 9, or 12 months to be saving either daily, weekly or monthly, whatever works for you at an interest of 12 – 12.5% p.a. where free withdrawals can be made by the end of the maturity period. Should you break this plan, you will pay a penalty of 2% penalty fee to Reaprite. This plan can only be broken after 30days ( one month of the savings duration )
  • Reap plus; you can lock down savings for either 6, 9 or 12 months. You will not be allowed to make withdrawals until your set maturity date. Saving with this plan entitled you to a 12.5 – 14% interest per annum. Your interest earned will be paid to the interest pull at the end of every month.
  • On Reap max; you can lock down savings for either 9 or 12 months. You will not be allowed to make withdrawals until your set maturity date. Saving with this plan entitle you to a 14 – 15% interest per annum. Your interest earned will be paid to the interest pull at the end of every month where you can make withdrawal.
  • You may be rewarded a sign up bonus of ₦1,000 when you sign up on Reaprite for the first. To redeem sign up bonus, you must save at least ₦3,000 on any of the saving plan and must wait 5 days to redeem sign up bonus. We may choose to end the sign up bonus at our discretion
  • You may refer someone to Reaprite and earned ₦1,000 per referral. The person you referred must save at least ₦3,000 in any of the savings plan for your eligibility to redeem the referral bonus after 5 days.
  • You agree that your funds will remain in your Reaprite wallet until you withdraw the funds from your Reaprite wallet to your personal bank account for use.
  • That withdrawal of funds will be initiated by you in the wallet and funds will be transferred from your Reaprite wallet to your Bank Account instantly after receiving your request, except where there is a network downtime, within 24 hours.
  • We may transfer funds from your Reaprite Wallet to your Bank Account without notice to you upon the closure of your Reaprite Account and at any time if required by applicable law or if we, in our sole discretion, suspect the Services are being used for illicit purposes or otherwise in violation of these Terms.
  • The funds in your wallet remains in the wallet and cannot be used to make purchases, cannot withdraw cash or transfer to third parties outside of the Reaprite platform except for sponsorship as highlighted in this Terms and Conditions.
  • We are not responsible for any third-party fees that may be incurred as a result of using the Services, including, but not limited to, third-party fees incurred as a result of maintaining insufficient funds in your Bank Account.
  • If you choose to invest your savings in any sponsorship opportunities, you also agree to be bound by the Terms of Sponsorship.

Reap village

Reap village is a group savings plan that allows users to come together and save individually towards a goal at a 10% interest per annum.

On our platform the following terms are defined as thus:

  • King: He/she is the head of the village. He/she creates a savings goal and specifies the duration (1month, 3months, 6months etc), savings interval (either daily, weekly or Monthly) and savings amount starting from ₦500.
  • Chief: He/she is the deputy King and will be rewarded a 2% incentive on the total saving of the village saving
  • Kinsmen: members of any village
Responsibilities/Eligibility/conditions for the Reap Goal
  • Anyone who wants to lead the Village can create a village. He/She is referred to as King and is rewarded a 5% incentive on the total saving interest of the village.
  • As the creator of the village, the King is entitle to a 5% incentive of the total savings interest of the Village while his chief is entitle to 2% of thr total savings interest
  • The King and his Chief must attend 80% consistency on the savings goal to be eligible for the incentive.
  • If the King or Chief pulls out or break his/her savings goal they lose the 5% and 2% incentive respectively.
  • The King advertises his/her village using a link to invite others to join the group and become Kinsmen. As group members grow, the King must appoint his deputy which will be referred to as Chief. Together the group commence their saving goal.
  • To join a village, you must have an active account on Reaprite
  • If any of the villagers should break and pull out of the saving circle, accrued interest is lost.

Refer and Earn

New users to the Reaprite platform upon downloading the app from either play store or app store will be rewarded a sign up bonus of ₦1,000. Redeeming this bonus is subject to meeting the following conditions;

  • They must deposit a minimum of ₦3,000 on any of the savings plan except on the wallet.
  • They must wait for at least 5 days before the bonus will be accessible to withdraw from the wallet.
  • They may choose to re-save the accessed bonus back to any of the savings plan.
  • Users also agree that they may refer other users to the Reaprite platform at their own doing. On our part their effort will be rewarded with an incentive of ₦1,000 per referral.

    Users may refer as many people as possible to the Platform. To be eligible to redeem the referral bonus, users must meet the following terms;

  • The person referred must successfully complete his/her profile with accurate information
  • They must deposit a minimum of ₦3,000 in any of the savings plan except in the wallet
  • You must wait at least 5 days before redeeming your bonus from the wallet
  • You may wish to re-save the bonus redeemed on any of the savings plan.
  • We reserve the right to terminate this service at our sole discretion without having to notify the users.

Service Fees

There are no transaction charges or monthly charges for services offered by Reaprite, however, we reserve the right to charge fees for the Services in the future.
If fees will be charged for the Services, we will notify you before charging such by giving notice to you electronically, or by posting such fee on the Website, or by any other method which we may from time to time devise. If you continue using the Services after such notice, you must pay all applicable fees for the Services.


You can only use the Services for your own personal purpose as such, you should never disclose your username, password or any other User Information for security and confidential reasons. Ensure that your Account is not accessible to any other person but you. This Services cannot be used for commercial purposes or on behalf of a third party.

We shall not be responsible for any losses arising out of the loss or theft of your User Information or your mobile device or from unauthorized or fraudulent transactions associated with your Bank Account, BVN or your Account.

However, if you suspect or become aware of any unauthorized activity or access to your username, password, or mobile device, you must contact us immediately at 0904 400 4000 or [email protected]

Penalty Fees

Withdrawing all or part of your savings from the wallet is completely FREE of charge on the payout days. Any withdrawal made outside of maturity period attract a penalty fee. For breaking a savings plan before maturity period, users will be subjected to paying a penalty fee of 2%.

We reserve the right to charge whatsoever fees deem fit for any withdrawal. If additional fee will be charged for the withdrawal, we will notify you before charging such by giving notice to you electronically, or by posting such fee on any of the savings plan or by any other method which we may from time to time devise.

Prohibited Uses

You are prohibited from engaging in any of the following on the Platform:

  • Attempt to gain unauthorized access to our computer network or user accounts.
  • Modify, copy, distribute, publish, license or sell any Services or Content or any derivative work based on the Services or Content. This Terms prohibit you in any way to misuse any Services or Content that appears on the Platform.
  • You represent and warrant that none of the money you transfer to and/or saved through the Platform comes from, or will be used to promote the conduct of, any crime or other illegal activity. You covenant not to transfer any money to or invest any money through the Platform that comes from, or that will be used to promote the conduct of, any crime or other illegal activity. You represent that no individual or entity has an interest in any money you use for deposits into your account with Reaprite.
  • You attempt not to introduce viruses or any other computer code, files, or programs that interrupt, destroy, or limit the functionality of any computer software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment on this Platform.
  • You attempt not to create an account on someone’s behalf using their personal or financial details with or without their consent as this will be considered a violation of this Terms.

Fraud prevention

  • In using Reaprite Platform, you undertake that you shall comply with all applicable laws, including anti-money laundering and anti-corruption laws, regulations and codes in Nigeria. We reserve the right to at any time, suspend or withdraw your use of this Platform when we believe in our sole discretion that the Platform is being used for fraudulent purposes or for any suspicious transactions. In addition to the suspension or withdrawal of services, we also have an obligation to report your activities to the relevant authorities without any recourse to you.
  • You consent to us carrying out identity and fraud prevention checks and sharing information relating to your use of the Platform with any regulatory body, and fraud prevention, law enforcement or security agency.
  • You consent to us providing details to the Nigerian police or any fraud prevention, law enforcement or security agency, of any conduct on your account that gives reasonable cause to suspect that the account is being used for improper purposes

Disclaimer Warranties

Your use of our website and mobile application, and the personal information you provide is at your sole discretion. Reaprite's website and all materials, information, products and services included therein, are provided on an AS IS and AS AVAILABLE basis without warranties of any kind from Reaprite.




No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from Reaprite's website, shall create any warranty not expressly stated in this Agreement. If you choose to rely on such information, you do so solely at your own risk.

International use

Reaprite is mainly for use in Nigeria. However, user outside Nigeria with a verifiable Nigerian bank accounts are equally eligible for use.


While using our Services, you agree that Reaprite has no obligation to reimburse or indemnify you for any cost, loss or liability which you incur as a result of the failure of a scheme to yield profit to expectations.

You agree to indemnify and hold not accountable Reaprite and all our other agents or subcontractors, against all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and losses (including any direct, indirect or consequential losses, loss of profit, loss of reputation and all interest penalties and legal and other reasonable professional costs and expenses) suffered or incurred as a result of;

  • your fraudulent or illegal use of the Platform, the Services or the App;
  • your negligence or any default by you of any terms of this Terms and Condition any inaccurate or incomplete information that you have knowingly provided to us;
  • you allowing any other person to access your account either with your permission or as a result of your failure to keep your username and password private;
  • any service that you have offered, whether with or without our permission, to another third party using our Platform;any claim made against you for actual or alleged infringement of the Company’s Intellectual Property Rights or any actual or alleged infringement of a third party’s Intellectual Property Rights arising out of or in connection with the Services or your use of the Platform.


Your feedback is welcome and encouraged and welcome as this will enable us serve you better. You may submit feedback by emailing us at [email protected]

You agree, however,that

  • by submitting unsolicited ideas to Reaprite or any of its employees or representatives, by any medium, including but not limited to email, written, or oral communication, you automatically forfeit your right to any intellectual property rights in such ideas; and .
  • such unsolicited ideas automatically become the property of Reaprite. You hereby assign and agree to assign all rights, title, and interest you have in such feedback and ideas to Reaprite together with all intellectual property rights therein.

In addition, you warrant that all moral rights in any feedback have been waived, and you do hereby waive any such moral rights.


Each of us can end this agreement at any time, subject to the maturity of all plans. We may terminate or suspend your access to Reaprite, at any time with prior notice to you if your account is found to be fraudulent. We will fully cooperate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requesting or directing us to disclose the identity of anyone posting, publishing, or otherwise making available any User information, emails, or other materials that are believed to violate these Terms of Use.

Any suspension, termination, or cancellation shall not affect your obligations to Reaprite under these Terms and Conditions (including but not limited to ownership, indemnification, and limitation of liability), which by their sense and context are intended to survive such suspension, termination, or cancellation.

Review and questions

This terms and condition is subject to review, revise and or update at our sole discretion at any time. We, therefore, advise that you read through this Terms periodically. You further agree that we will have no further obligation to notify you of any modifications and such updates or modifications shall become effective immediately upon the posting thereof or on any specified date.

The most current version of the Terms and Condition can be accessed by clicking the Terms and Condition link on the bottom of the home page for the Platform. This document constitutes Reaprite's complete Terms of Service for Reaprite and related services. If you have questions about these Terms and conditions or about content thereon, please contact us at [email protected]

You can also contact Reaprite via our physical address at:

21, Ahmed Onibudo Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos,

Last Updated: November 01, 2020.