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Be Smart, Save Now Spend Later!

Start saving now to enjoy the things you’ve always wished for.

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Simplified savings with no hassle.

Choose a plan and start saving


Digital wallet that generates 10% interest p.a

  • Enjoy instant transfer and withdrawals
  • Zero maintenance fee
  • Personalised account number

Personal Target

Set a goal; save towards it!

Whether it’s vacation, buying a car or paying rent, the journey to its fulfillment starts here.

  • Start small on your own terms
  • Activate auto top up for recurring savings
  • Have fun doing it
  • Earn 12% p.a interest

Reap Savings

Be intentional about savings

Little drops make an ocean when you stay consistent. Choose from our list of plans.

  • Reapquick:
    3 – 12 months, , Interest: 12 - 12.5% p.a
  • Reapplus:
    6 - 12 months, Interest: 12.5 - 14 p.a%
  • Reapmax:
    9 - 12 months, Interest: 14 - 16% p.a

Reap Village

Rewarding group savings at 12% interest p.a

Why save alone when you can save with a group of friends? Join a group or create one now!

Join thousands of happy savers using Reaprite


Track your savings on the go! Scan code to start your journey

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