About Us

At the core of our service delivery is putting a smile on your face. We are ensuring everyone understands simple ways to grow wealth

Who We Are

Founded in 2020

Reaprite is a technology driven company that is creating a prosperous and equitable economy for Africans to thrive. We believe in the African proverb that says "Rising early makes the road short" - you're one click away from advancing your financial growth with us.


Simplifying access to wealth creation for Africans.


Bringing Africans to Financial Freedom.

We’re building the
foundation for
financial growth

Our goal is to help you build a solid foundation for your future and grow in your financial journey by providing you access to savings and investment plans that is tailored to you to achieve your live goals.

Values that
drives us


We embrace diversity with humility and respect, and encourage everyone to be themselves


We inspire curiosity and constantly seeking for improvement

Excellent service

Obsessed with user's satisfaction


Committed to building trust and transparency through our actions and relationships

We are one Team.

There is no “I” at Reaprite. We work collaboratively. The only way we succeed is by solving problems together and sharing lessons along the way. As Individuals, we own our actions, support and respect each other, and embrace our differences. Our team spirit enable us to go above and beyond in delivering our brand promise.